09 Nov 2020

Laser Electrical Remuera are delighted to be supporting DownlightsNZ

And we are not talking about the downlights that you would probably normally associate with an electrical contractor....

DownlightsNZ is an NZ owned and certified social enterprise that employs young Kiwis with Down Syndrome, learning or intellectual disabilities and offers them meaningful employment opportunities while being paid the Living Wage.

They produce beautifully fragranced products of the highest quality, which are GMO-free, lead and zinc free and are made with love in New Zealand by our Downlights Crew.

$1 from every candle sold is donated via the Downlights Charitable Trust, so their beautiful products also have a big heart and give back to our Kiwi community.

They are currently running a fundraising campaign to purchase a Wax Melter with Pouring Wand worth $40,000. At the moment, each candle is manually poured by hand from a large 3kg jug, which can be both heavy and cumbersome.

For more information about DownlightsNZ, their products or how you too can support, click here.