LED Lighting

It's a no brainer - installing LED Lighting will save you money!

We can replace your existing lights with new LED Light Fittings, or install LEDs in new locations

Why should you install LED Lighting & how will that save you money?

The first reason is there is up to 80% reduction in lighting electricity costs

Your power bill is made up of the wattage of power used over a period of time and because LED light fittings use less power, your energy bill will be less as well. Even just replacing the existing incandescent or halogen light fittings in high usage areas such as the kitchen, lounge, family room and hallways will result in savings

Greatly reduced maintenance costs

Savings can be made in the long term because LED Lighting lasts much longer than traditional incandescent, halogen or fluorescent lighting. This means replacement, maintenance and repair costs are greatly reduced.

Improved lighting

LED lights are far more versatile than traditional lighting. We can create a brighter, colourful (if required) and more beautiful lighting design that will suit the shape and mood of any space.

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