House Wiring

New Home Wiring or Older Home Rewiring?

The great news is, when it comes to either wiring or rewiring a house, we specialise in both!

Laser Electrical Remuera has excellent domestic electricians, who understand that the finished product will be someone's home. This type of work demands it's own set of skills & meticulous attention to detail.

Working throughout Remuera and across the greater Auckland area for 99 years has given us the experience and knowledge on how to wire & rewire homes in an efficient and professional way.

New Home Wiring

Wiring for new builds & the required electrical connections should be completed by a registered electrician.

This ensures that everything you can see 'front of wall', is safe & fit for purpose because the wiring & connections behind the walls (that you can't see) are fully compliant with the NZ Electrical regulations.

Older Home Rewiring

‘1960’ is commonly used as a guide to check whether your home may need to be rewired

A pre-1960 home could be wired in old-style cables that are notorious for their deteriorating insulation, which eventually exposes the bare copper wires underneath. In addition to this, older light switches, electrical switches and power points can become brittle and break apart with age. Both of these scenarios can create a serious risk of fire or even worse, electric shock.

Also, electrical products installed in houses back then were not designed or wired to suit the way we use lighting and power circuits in our homes today. Technology has also come such a long way and today's modern cables, light switches and power points are far safer.

Benefits of rewiring your house to modern standards:

  • Less ongoing electrical repair and maintenance work
  • Cheaper house insurance
  • Stop fuses tripping
  • Fewer light bulbs blowing
  • Peace of mind through removing fire and electric shock hazards
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